ABC Accounting & Tax Services Inc. helps clients to provide specific advice for the formation of entities which is efficient from taxation perspective in the best interest of the provide best of the advisory to clients in the incorporation of business and setting up of LLC – Single Member and Multi Member LLC, Partnership, S Corporation and C Corporation.

We provide help to the clients in getting business registration and licenses so as to facilitate the smooth and efficient running of the business and to be tax compliant at the same time.


ABC Accounting & Tax Services possesses expertise and specializes in filing of individual tax return for the clients for Federal and all the States of United States of America. We focus on tax advisory , tax planning and tax compliance  to maximize tax refunds for the clients within the framework of the tax laws.


Day to day recording of transactions and providing clients with interim financials on quarterly and half yearly basis for effective tax planning and payment of estimated taxes and at the same time helping clients to grow and expand business.


We provide online and real time payroll processing to our clients which enable them to focus on their business leaving all the worries of payroll processing , deductions and payment of taxes to Federal , State and local tax authorities to us. Our web based platform enables clients to have printing of checks of payroll as well as direct deposit of salary and also enables their employees to online access to pay stubs ,  W-2s and payroll reports.


We strive to provide fund flow and cash flow statements to clients which provides them with accurate information on sources and utilization of funds and helps them to make decisions on procurement and deployment of funds and optimum utilization of funds.


ABC Accounting & Tax Services Inc. has the requisite knowledge and expertise in providing advisory to the clients in incorporation of overseas subsidiary in developing country like India and provide advice to the client on the tax laws of India so that client can expand their operations beyond the boundaries of United States of America. We have qualified and experienced resources having knowledge of the taxation of both the countries which helps client to set up subsidiaries to take advantage of the tax laws to optimize tax outflow but at the same time remain tax efficient and tax compliant.


Filing and Reporting of Foreign Bank Account Reporting ( FINCEN ) is a specialized area . It is mandatory for a lawful legal resident – Both Permanent and Temporory to report and disclose the existence of Foreign Accounts and Assets held by them in form Bank Accounts , Investments in Stocks and Mutual funds , Life Insurance Policies and report income arising out of such Accounts by way of Interest and Dividends in Individual Tax Return furnished to Internal Revenue Service and non reporting may result in severe penalty by Internal Revenue Service by way of Interest and Penalty.

We assist clients in Foreign Assets Tax Planning , Foreign Bank Account Reporting , Voluntary Disclosure Planning Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program ( OVPD ) and FATCA Reporting and Compliance.


ABC Accounting & Tax Services Inc. provides services to clients in filing of tax returns for their subsidiaries in India as well as tax returns for Individuals having Income , preparation of tax working and filing of tax returns in India , tax planning and compliance for Non Resident Indians ( NRIs ) , Advice in complying with transfer pricing requirements and regulations.

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